Active theme and use subdomain

After install theme, please log in admin panel through your admin account, the go to Backend > STORES > [Settings] Configuration > [MAGESOLUTION] Activate Theme and insert the “Purchase Code”.

Click here to know how to get Purchase Code. Note that, with “Regular License”, one Purchase Code is used for only 1 domain.

    In order to use theme on developer site, there are 2 options

  • Option 1: Work on your localhost.
  • Option 2: Use subdomain. We allow using unlimited subdomain for dev site purpose. However, you have to insert the purchase code for the principal domain before using this purchase code for other subdomains.

    For example, with your main domain “ mydomain.com”, you are able to create several subdomains such as dev.mydomain.com, staging.mydomain.com, abc.mydomain.com…