Supro, Molla - How to use multiple store views

- You built a good homepage buy CMS Page Builer

- You want to make a new homepage for another store view please follow the following steps

    + Create a new cms page (new homepage) for new store view

    + Go STORES -> Configuration -> Web [ GENERAL ] -> Default Page, select your new store view: https://prnt.sc/svn39f then assign new cms page to CMS Home Page: https://prnt.sc/svn3ut

    + Go MGS -> Page Builder Setting, select old store view then export old homepage: https://prnt.sc/svn57s, you will get a file

    + Go MGS -> Page Builder Setting, select new store view then import the file you got before https://prnt.sc/svn5vz

    + Go SYSTEM -> Cache Management then clear cache