How to create vertical menu

Go to admin -> MGS -> Manage Menu -> Click Add Menu button


Then you need input menu information

  • Title: Menu's name
  • Menu Type: Vertical menu or Horizontal menu
  • Custom Class
  • Status: Enabled or Disabled

Click Save button to save this menu.

Step 3: Create menu item

You can go to Admin -> MGS -> Megamenu -> Manage Megamenu Items -> Click Add Item button


Then input all information

  • Menu: Choose parent Megamenu (in this case, you need choose Vertical which you've created)
  • Label: Label show on menu.
  • Link: Url of this menu
  • Position: Position on menu.
  • Columns: Column sub menu of this menu
  • Custom Class: If you want add other style for this menu
  • Static Content: Add content to sub menu of this menu

Custom Setting

  • Catalog Category:
    • Menu Type: Catalog Category
    • Categories: Choose Categories to show
  • Static Content:
    • Menu Type: Static Content
    • Static Contents:

Step 4: Show menu on front-end

Go to admin -> Content -> Blocks -> Create Block "Menu Vertical Header 1" and paste this code to content of block


I've created "Test Menu Item" in your site for example