"How to uninstall theme" details explaination

We have recorded that there have been some clients who were not experts at magento struggled when trying to uninstall theme following this article https://arrowhitech.ticksy.com/article/15889/

Normally we are not allowed to help any further at this point but we will explain a little bit 

1 - Remove theme files: In your project source code, everywhere contains folder named "Mgs", please delete them all

2 - Edit "theme" table and remove the theme

When you installed theme, you already created tables automatically, they were named with prefix "mgs_", please delete them all as well

3 - In "eav_attribute" table, which is magento default table, please search for "source_model" then delete every elements with "mgs" like in the attachment

Deploy means  "deploy command: which is php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy